Milena has always been moved by the mysteries of the inner world. She could look into people, know things about people, about the world—the invisible knowing of a seer. Beginning as a young multi-racial empathic southern girl and breaking out as a performance artist who explored the roles of woman, body image, society, and the shadow, Milena pushed her edges and the edges of the people she grew up with. She found her work laid in her body and in the deep wounding in the core of our society: deep internalized racial trauma, sexual trauma, shame, anger and so much more. She performed and wrote, opened two coffee shops—places of free speech/performance/activism, she studied psychology, plants, permaculture, expressive arts therapies, nutrition, reiki, and more.

Having a healing crisis in her late twenties, she began to explore food as her medicine as a physical trainer and raw food chef on a mission to heal herself. This led her to Central America where she learned under multiple shamanic teachers, furthering her exploration into her underworld—the anger, the grief, the ecstatic. Milena and her husband, Aaron, created and ran transformational journeys through Central America which took people on pilgrimage—for healing, for change, for peace, and for magic.

Motherhood was the next adventure and this thrust her even deeper into the shadow and light, and love and forgiveness, and also began her relationship with Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. When her own beloved Mother passed she began her practice of embodied grief, collective grieving, storytelling, ritual, and belonging. She is a witness, a ritualist, a seer, a performer, an artist, a therapist, a dancer, a multi-racial daughter, an activist, and a lover.